Strengthening Citizens Participation Across the National Budget Circle.

Event Round-up: Strengthening Citizens Participation Across the National Budget Circle | Agora Thursday New Dispensation 5/6

Key speaker Ani Nwachukwu I Date: 6th July, 2023

Key Message:

  • A National Budget is a critical document that outlines a government’s annual income and expenses, making it indispensable for a functioning country.
  • Active citizen participation is essential in the budgeting process, as it ensures the effective allocation of public funds to address policies, needs, and priorities.
  • Enhancing citizen engagement is vital to prevent corruption and malpractice in budgeting.
  • Barriers such as lack of transparency, limited information, and resource constraints often hinder citizen participation.
  • To address these barriers, governments should improve accessibility, promote financial literacy, raise awareness, and foster transparent decision-making.
  • While Nigeria follows a single-year budget cycle, many African countries use a multi-year budget framework for long-term planning and resource allocation.
  • Regardless of the budget framework, stabilizing the budget cycle involves four fundamental stages: drafting the budget, approving the budget, implementation, and evaluation/audit.

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