Coups in West Africa: Causes and Drivers

Event Round-up: Coups in West Africa: Causes and Effects

Key speaker: Salaudeen Hashim I Date: 30th August, 2023

Key Message:

In a recent event focusing on “Coups in West Africa: Causes and Effects,” we delved into the complex dynamics that underlie political upheavals in the region. Examining the root causes and far-reaching consequences of coups in West Africa provides invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by nations in this part of the continent. The discussion underscored the importance of addressing the factors that contribute to political instability while emphasizing the need for diplomatic and peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coups in West Africa have been a recurring issue, often stemming from a combination of factors such as political dissatisfaction, corruption, ethnic tensions, and economic challenges.
  • The consequences of coups extend beyond political instability, affecting economic development, human rights, and regional stability.
  • To mitigate the occurrence and impact of coups, proactive measures, including good governance, conflict resolution, and international cooperation, must be prioritized.

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