Human Right and Police Brutality

Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behaviour and are regularly protected in municipal and international law.

The Independence constitution enacted the protection of fundamental human rights in 1999 these rights includes;

-Right to freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom from discrimination and many more. violation of the fundamental human rights of people is regarded as a crime.

The Nigeria police is the main law enforcement and the head security agency in Nigeria with a staff capacity of about 371,800. The Nigeria police force is a very huge institution made up of 36 state commands arranged into 12zones and 7 executive organs. The organization is presently led by IGP Adamu Muhammed. In 2020 it encountered crucial maintenance. The acronym for the agency is NPF and the motor Is POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND. The agency was founded in 1930 with its operations jurisdiction in Nigeria. The Nigeria police force is being governed by the Ministry of police affairs.

 Police brutality in my country has risen to one of the most deadly social problem, which has become a reoccurring decimal, The Nigerian police has remained underdeveloped and outrightly ineffective to a large extent in spite of the outrageous fundings channelled to the police force.

The police has unapologetically adopted the Unruliness of the military, The increased judicial killings, accidental discharge, unlawful detention, false arrest, intimidation, false imprisonment, unwarranted charge, unwarranted seize of properties, falsification of evidence and other unspeakable acts against innocent citizens has become the order of the day. It is obvious that the rule of law in Nigeria has failed Its citizens. It is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens.

The Nigerian Police force are lacking in their constitutional function, responsibilities and obligation to Nigerians, The police force are highly Involved in human right abuse, bribery and corruption, extortion of money, for example, roadside compulsory collection of money from commercial drivers has become a norm for some police officers.

The authorities have promised severally to reform the Nigerian police by restructuring and transforming the police agency and critical measures in ending brutality In the country, and measures are put in place for the police officer who breaks the law but even with these measures in place, violations of human right is still the order of the day.

A clear case study is the protest of End SARs on 8th October 2020, people expressing their right to protest against police brutality where been abused and brutalized by the police force who are suppose to protect them.

In Conclusion, There is a need to promote and protect the citizens of Nigerians, A nation where respect for human right and freedom is the priority without any form of discrimination.

The Nigerian police should understand that as a security organization, its sole responsibility is to protect human rights and properties irrespective of their financial status and not violate the safety of the people they swore to protect.

– Ella Dike

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