On the triple issues of federating units refusing to take responsibility to federate, foreign policy review and the celebration of our best in global limelight.

It is amazing how we have failed to take responsibility for the modern state of Nigeria since 1914. Who can claim to be the founding father of Nigeria? Definitely no Nigerian or any Nigerian interest group. The state of Nigeria is a very precious gift inherited in 1914. Since we did not on our own fight wars to create and sustain the Peace of 1914, we do not treasure the precious gift that was placed in our care to have, nurture and benefit from. The Peace of 1914 is a treasure for our collective good if only we can keep it. It is important to know that all nations-states that have developed have worked very hard and are still working very hard to keep their peace despite their diversities.
Nigerians have refused to work on achieving the vital social order to nurture our peace of 1914.

Not long after independence we started wetting and setting ablaze the most important part of our gift: Human Resources. Politics lack good leadership and good direction. It either individuals get what they want or they set the treasure ablaze. We are witnesses to all manners of inflammatory languages that drive narratives for state destruction. No building efforts allowed. Hardly anyone has the orientation for a focus on correct attitudes to take responsibility to nurture our Peace of 1914. Strange act to be correct. We easily adopt narratives that lead us to conflicts because we have no emotional connection to the country and its highest causes that we should take responsibilities for. The Nigerian Federating units that should give opportunities for productive thinking so that units federate are tools for generating more conflicts. Remember the politics of marginalization at all levels; even at ward level. There is no national character to work hard to keep our Peace if 1914.

Recent pronouncements that Nigeria is on the brink reflect how reckless and casual we have been since 1914 and the very comprehensive nature of our failures since 1960 as all inherited pre-independence infrastructure were destroyed and the huge resource that came our way and which we did not work hard to add value to was squandered. New generation has been groomed to aspire to be wealthy without working for it. The utterance of the recent former service chiefs and the HMOD are very, very worrisome. These were capped by the statement of the NSA few days ago that Nigeria is on the brink of falling into a failed state. Indeed at least we are beginning to realize the piles of states failures we have been accumulating and denying. So since 2015, it is only now that those charged to lead efforts regarding our well being are beginning to realize that Nigeria is dangerously on the brink! Indeed we do not know how to run a proper country and our precious gift of the Peace of 1914 is badly battered. There is the rabid talk of negotiating or not negotiating unity. The accompanying narratives show how naive we are about the conduct of the affairs of the State of Nigeria.

All manners of kidnappings, abductions, banditry and inventions to divert from our failures are generating rounds of meetings, dialogues, policy/strategy reviews and committee works and reworks that make us appear as idle as a painted ship on a painted ocean. We are stuck! Dangerously stuck and clueless. This is the domestic domain the world is looking at. Nigeria as a country is not competitive to attract real opportunities yet.

Our best holding sway in the international arena are mainly products of self development up to stages of international recognition. The current state of being on the brink does not help this crop of our finest to attract opportunities to Nigeria. Remember we virtually have nothing of quality to export to USA which has no more use for our crude oil. Nigerians are used to inefficiency and lack attempts to be decently honest and work hard to be productive. Failures all around drown the little successes that easily pass for mediocrity.

Our foreign policy review as well as others would only be recorded as reviews because we have not developed the comprehensive capacities for capabilities to work and nurture our Peace of 1914 for our collective well being. Public officers are for sharing what they did not work for. They live very big and fat on our commonwealth. There is the urgent need for us to take Nigeria from the brink of disaster by quality thinking that realizes how reckless and casual we have been. Steps are then taken never to repeat all that have brought Nigeria to the present dangerous state on the brink of a failed state being grudgingly admitted in government circles.

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