Unpacking Gender and Feminism in Contemporary Nigerian Society

Event Round-up: Unpacking Gender and Feminism in Contemporary Nigerian Society | Agora Thursday Feminist In Context 1/6

Key Speaker: Andrea Kwen I Date: 20th July, 2023

Key Message:
Gender and feminism in Nigeria are complex, multifaceted topics deeply influenced by the nation’s history, culture, and demographics. In contemporary Nigerian society, feminism takes on diverse meanings, reflecting the individual experiences and perspectives of its people. While there’s no one-size-fits-all definition, at its core, feminism advocates for women’s rights and strives for gender equality. A critical aspect of this conversation is understanding that gender isn’t a static binary concept; it’s fluid and open to diverse interpretations. Many individuals identify and express their gender beyond the traditional male-female binary, highlighting the need to embrace and respect the complexities of gender diversity. Join us as we delve into this important dialogue on gender and feminism in Nigeria.

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